Anamika: A Cyclone Survivor Turned Climate Entrepreneur

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Anamika: A Cyclone Survivor Turned Climate Entrepreneur

Situated along the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh’s Naltona Union of Barguna Sadar Upazila is one of the areas in Bangladesh most frequently hit by natural disasters, Cyclone Amphan in 2020 was no different.

Anamika, a 31-year-old woman living in Naltona Union, was one of the many people who were severely impacted by Cyclone Amphan in May 2020. Her house was completely demolished, and she and her family were left homeless. She also suffered a head injury while trying to protect her sons.  After three months of treatment, she was released and returned home, only to find ruins in the place of her old home.

Anamika was determined to rebuild her life, but she knew that it would be difficult. She had no money, and she had no idea how to start over. But she was a resilient woman, and she was determined to succeed. Amidst uncertainty, Anamika heard about UNDP and its Local Government Initiatives on climate change (LoGIC) project, which was working to help people in her community affected by climate change-induced natural disasters. The project offered training and support to help people start their own businesses. Anamika decided to apply, and she was accepted.

Before joining the LoGIC project, Anamika had little knowledge of climate change issues. Later she learned about climate change issues and ways to tackle the crisis. Anamika got training on how to grow watermelons. She and her group members were given a business plan to follow, and they were also given financial assistance. Anamika and her group worked long and hard, and were able to produce a good yield of watermelons, which in the end, gave her a good profit. With that profit, Anamika bought ducklings. She raised the ducklings, and she sold the eggs and the ducklings for a profit. She also started a fish farm and was able to make a profit from that as well.

Anamika’s hard work and determination paid off. She was able to rebuild her life, send her son to school, and become financially stable. She is now a role model for other women in her community, and she is an inspiration to everyone who knows her.

Anamika’s story is a testament to the power of resilience. She was able to overcome adversity and rebuild her life, thanks to the help of the project initiated by UNDP. Her story is also a reminder that climate change is a real threat, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier to success. With hard work and determination, it is possible to overcome the challenges posed by climate change and build a better future