Adaptation Tracking and Measuring (ATM)

Climate change is here. Bangladesh remains 7th most vulnerable to climate change. Nowadays it has been proved that the effects of climate change cannot be stopped overnight. Beyond doing everything we can to cut emissions and slow the pace of global warming, we must adapt to climate consequences to protect ourselves and our communities. In this manner, climate adaptation has been globally a renewed perspective. There are several funding available for climate adaptation worldwide and nationally as well. Such as Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund (BCCRF), Green Climate Fund, ADB’s Climate Change Fund, Climate Investment Fund, etc.It is always difficult to track and monitor and ensure proper mobilization of funds at the community level, especially when it is related to climate adaptation or resilience. The project aimed and taken initiatives to simplify this difficult job using technology intervention and digitization. In this regard, our organization has developed the Adaptation Tracking and Measuring, in short, ATM system.
The ATM system is composed of two main components: a client-side application that will run on Android handsets, and a server-side application that will support and interact with various client-side features and management dashboards. The system is designed to facilitate the process of tracking and measuring adaptation activities and results of adaptation of the LoGIC project.The system ATM is a mobile/tab-based application that regularly keeps track of climate adaptation and resilience of 35000 Project beneficiaries and their Household most of whom are climate-vulnerable, women, and indigenous. The ATM system is a new and unique product intended for use on the Android platform. While the ATM mobile application is the project’s main focus, a server-side component is also responsible for the database, synchronization services, various dashboards, and reports. The data collected offline through ATM mobile/tab-based application will be stored/synchronized to a database in the cloud online.

Based on the collected data through ATM application app, we got below analysis from Aril 22 to August 22. The report of the has been published here using a real time dashboard below.