The Bridge Became a Ray of Hope for the Children of Ashabaria

Over 7.1 million Bangladeshis were displaced by climate change in 2022, a number that could reach 13.3 million by 2050, said the WHO, assessing the situation in the country of around 168 million people. The country’s school drop-out rate was over 17% in 2021, with more than 2 million children leaving classes as they flee […]

Seema Rani, the Name of Inspiration in Munda Society

The Munda community resides near Shakbaria River. Seema Rani Munda, a member of the community, lives in North Bedkashi Union of Koira Upazila in Khulna near Sundarbans. Every year when floods, cyclones and tidal waves occur, as a result of climate change, it takes with it everything that Seema owns: her home, means of earning, […]

Story of resilience, hope, and transformation against changing climate

As Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, the people of Dacope Upazila in Khulna district faced a unique set of challenges due to increasingly salty groundwater. For generations, the residents of this region had been intimately connected to the land, relying on its fertile soil and clean water for their […]

From Vulnerability to Resilience: The Inspiring Story of Parul Yasmin

At just 30, Parul Yasmin faced numerous trials in life. Married off during her 8th-grade studies, she had to advocate for her continued education. Yet, her spirit was truly tested when Cyclone Foni in 2019 robbed her of her home near the Brahmaputra River, forcing her to rebuild her life from scratch in Roumari Upazila. […]

Anamika: A Cyclone Survivor Turned Climate Entrepreneur

Situated along the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh’s Naltona Union of Barguna Sadar Upazila is one of the areas in Bangladesh most frequently hit by natural disasters, Cyclone Amphan in 2020 was no different. Anamika, a 31-year-old woman living in Naltona Union, was one of the many people who were severely impacted by Cyclone Amphan in […]

The Change Agent: Mokhlesur Rahman and his Community’s Fight for Climate-Resilience

The residents of Dholua Union in the southern delta of Bangladesh battle daily with climate change-related flash flooding and water-logged roads that would periodically cut them off from essential services and community meeting points, including schools, health centers and places of worship. Community know-how, combined with the vision of a local government leader and ‘change […]

Lightning sheds provide a refuge as deadly storms increase in Bangladesh

During the monsoon season, intense periods of lashing rains and storming skies ensure that the seasonal wetlands or haor region of north-eastern Bangladesh are flooded to become vast bodies of freshwater. Then, the region becomes a magnet for wildlife and local farming communities looking to boost meagre incomes by fishing. But as global temperatures rise […]


logicbd,Local Government Initiative on Climate Change (LoGIC)

Residing in the Tildanga Union of Dacope Upazila in the climate-prone coastal division of Khulna, Aarti Sana (38), has been fighting an unfair battle with climate calamities. Khulna division which is located in the southern coastal belt of Bangladesh was once renowned for its bumper lush golden rice harvests. Naturally, most of the residents of […]


Crisscrossed by numerous small and big rivers, the low-lying delta plain which is Bangladesh, battles countless climate calamities over the years. The increasing rate of climate impacts such as cyclones, thunderstorms and flooding are creating long-lasting problems in the region, which is already one of the most climate-vulnerable in the country. Most of the coastal […]

Climate Adaptive Crab Cultivation revives hope for the Indigenous Community

Belonging to a poor and marginalised community, life has always been harsh, but more so recently for the Indigenous (Adivasi) Munda community in the village of Horihorpur in Koyra Upazila, Khulna district of Bangladesh. Horihorpur village is situated adjacent to the riverbanks of Shakbariya near the Sundarbans Forest. This Munda community faces some of the […]