Crisscrossed by numerous small and big rivers, the low-lying delta plain which is Bangladesh, battles countless climate calamities over the years. The increasing rate of climate impacts such as cyclones, thunderstorms and flooding are creating long-lasting problems in the region, which is already one of the most climate-vulnerable in the country. Most of the coastal […]

Breaking the climate-poverty nexus

Breaking the climate-poverty nexus   Over 2 billion people which is one third of the global population – are poor or near-poor who face persistent threats to their livelihoods, including from climate change. UNDP 2018 report estimates indicate that by 2030 more than 100 million people could fall back into extreme poverty due to climate […]

SUNFLOWER CULTIVATION A Rainbow in the cloudy sky of climate change

Sea level rise and increased frequency of cyclones is intensifying salinity in the southwest coastal areas which is one of the climate hotspots in South Asia. The situation is also becoming more volatile due to additional stress from thunderstorms, flooding, and Covid-19 impacts.  Tildanga – one of the climate vulnerable rural villages located in Khulna […]

Watermelon cultivation- livelihood solution for climate-vulnerable

Crisscrossed by the rivers Rupsha and Chunkuti, Dacope Upazila is located on the southwestern coast of Bangladesh in the Khulna district. Despite battling countless natural disasters over the years, the people of Dacope persisted. However, the increasing rate of cyclones, thunderstorms and flooding is creating long-lasting problems in the region, which is already one of […]