Bridging Phase & Mid-Year Planning Workshop: LoGIC Project

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Bridging Phase & Mid-Year Planning Workshop: LoGIC Project

The Bridging Phase & Mid-Year Planning Workshop of the Local Governance Initiative for Climate Change (LoGIC) Project was successfully held from 20th to 23rd July 2023 at Hotel The Cox Today in Cox’s Bazar. The workshop brought together government high officials, Representatives from UNDP and UNCDF country office, LoGIC project management unit (PMU), and field colleagues aiming to exchange and finalize activity plans of various project components for the bridging phase July 2023-June 2025 including the reflection on the lessons learned and challenges faced in the Year 2022-2023.

Participants highlighted successful achievements in financial inclusion, climate-smart cooperative formation, and CALO implementation. Challenges such as fund mobilization and beneficiary selection were also addressed. UNDP and UNCDF representatives emphasized the significance of innovation and effective youth engagement in activities implementation.

Group exercises focused on planning of CRF and PBCRG activities, emphasizing bankable business plans for cooperatives and climate adaptive infrastructure. The collaboration plans with FutureNation and Sida Global Program were also discussed, aiming for knowledge sharing and scaled-up outcomes.

There were also some team-building events held to enhance team coherence, coordination, and collaboration. The Bridging Phase & Mid-Year Planning Workshop marked a pivotal moment in the LoGIC project’s journey towards achieving climate resilience and sustainable development. With renewed determination and a comprehensive roadmap in place, the project will move forward, and create a brighter and more resilient future for communities across the nation.